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Steppingstone Farm Museum is a 501 (c)(3) private nonprofit organization that preserves and interprets the rural heritage of Harford County. The museum demonstrates historic skills and folk arts and houses thousands of artifacts within our educational exhibits. We are open on the weekends April through November. Throughout the year, we provide educational tours and community events. 


We are currently full steam ahead with planning for our 2022 season. Your support will help to develop events, exhibitions and programs for our community. Generosity from charitable donors, sponsors and members will insure that Steppingstone Farm Museum will be here for future generations to enjoy. We are currently asking for donations and sponsorships for our historic preservation efforts and events that support our museum. If you have shared your generosity with us in the past, we sincerely thank you. We respectfully request that you consider showing your kindness once again.

How can I help?


Please take a look at the sponsorship booklet. Here you will find unique opportunities to support the museum and make an impact on your local community. If an opportunity interests you, please fill out the form below. 


Thank you for your consideration. If you’re unable to support monetarily, in-kind or through volunteering, please consider visiting us this season. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Wishing you the best in 2022. 

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Thanks for your support!

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