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Photography @ Steppingstone

With 23 acres and 23 buildings, Steppingstone is a charming place for  photos. The grounds are operated and maintained by Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc., a registered 501(c)3, private, non-profit museum. While we are more than happy to share our site with the public, we do require commercial/professional photographers to carry a Photography Membership in order to utilize the grounds. Photography memberships help support the daily operations and upkeep of the museum so that we can preserve the beautiful grounds for current and future generations to enjoy.

Memberships are good for one year and are required in order to take video and photographs on the grounds.

 We ask that all guests, including photographers and their clients, are respectful of the grounds and other visitors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • no standing, sitting, leaning or utilizing the historic rock walls throughout the property.

  • no scaling, climbing, vandalizing trees

  • no moving museum items on the grounds

  • no climbing buildings

  • Your photography, videography and /or art may not interfere with other guest’s enjoyment. No blocking walking paths and building entrances.

  • All pets must remain on a leash and the leash must be held at all times. All pets must be picked up after.


Photography Memberships are available for $200. 

The photography membership is required for professional photographers. Membership includes unlimited pre-scheduled photo sessions on the site for the membership year. (January 1 - December 31)

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