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Other Ways to Give

We accept many forms of donations, from artifacts to monetary! Your gift sustains the museum’s day-to-day operations, facilities, new programs and exhibits while supporting our mission.

Artifact Donations

The Museum was built on artifact donations; without them we wouldn’t have over 12,000 artifacts. If you are interested in donating your artifacts to the Museum, our Curator would love to help! Please include any pictures or background information of the donation for the archive. Thank you!

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Services & Equipment Donations

With 24 buildings and 23 acres there is a lot to maintain. This requires a lot of knowledge and tools. We are grateful to all of our local businesses and patrons who donate their time and equipment to the museum. If you are interested in donating or partnering with us, please let us know!


Other Donations

If you would like to discuss other types of donations, please reach out to our Director.


Click here, for our Amazon wish list. It lists supplies and items needed at the museum.  You can also find the list in our newsletter.


Any and all support is an amazing blessing that we are truly grateful for. The museum could not survive without the support and kindness of the community.​​

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