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Group Tours

A steppingstone to the past is what you will experience during a tour at Steppingstone Farm Museum. The museum was started by J. Edmund Bull in 1958 with his ancestor’s collection. He was a native of Bel Air. By 1969 his collection contained more than 6,000 hand tools!  The Museum honors Bull by being a living museum that preserves and interprets the rural heritage of Harford County. The site includes 6 working shops, 20+ individual exhibits and 13 tour activities based on 1880-1920s rural heritage of Harford county.

Tours are available April through October, Tuesday and Thursday 10 am -2 pm and by special request for Saturday and Sunday. Length of visit will vary by group size. Group sizes can be from 10 guests to 60. However, groups larger than 60 can be accommodated over 2 days. We can not accommodate sizes outside this range. Cost is $5 per attendee and is due before the start of the tour. One chaperone is required per every 10 minors.

To book a tour, please fill out the form below and our School Tour Coordinator will be in touch.

Please note that we ask that tour requests are made more than 2 weeks in advance in order to facilitate scheduling. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please check any/all that apply to your group/organization. 
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