Studio Rentals


Climate controlled for year round use
Contracts accepted up to 3 months in advance of event date

A great location filled with lots of light!  This space included a kitchenette and small refrigerator for hosting parties or showers, meetings, rehearsal dinners and more!

Seats up to 60 at tables and chairs or up to 100 auditorium style.

For more information on Studio rentals, please contact:
Call 410-939-2299, Tues.-Fri., 9am-2pm
Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the Studio available?

A. The Studio is available year round.

All set up and clean up must occur during the allotted hours of your contracted time.

Q. Is the museum open during my event?

A. Located on 23 acres within Susquehanna State Park, the grounds are open year round, roughly 9am to sunset.

The museum is open on weekends, 1-5pm, April through October.  We often host school tours and other programs and events throughout the year, which can be found on our Events Calendar.  If a museum program or event uses the Studio, Pavilion, or areas typical for rentals, they appear of the Bookings Calendar

We will work with you regarding any concerns, however we do have a large site and plan museum programs accordingly.

Q. How many people can the Studio hold?

A. Up to:

  • 40-60 at tables and chairs

  • 100 chairs auditorium style (chairs not included)

  • Dimensions are 29' x 30'


Q. What tables and chairs are available to rent for my Pavilion Plus contract?

A. The museum has Lifetime tables and chairs available for rental in the following sizes and quantities:

  • 6ft. Banquet tables: 12 available at $5 each per day. (72″ long x 30″ wide x 29″ high, seats 6-8 guests)

  • 5ft. Round tables: 12 available at $5 each per day. (29″ high, seats 6-8 guests)

  • Heavy duty folding chairs: 96 available at $2.50 each per day

Set up is not included and all items must be returned to their racks at the end of your event.

All tables and chairs listed are included for Premiere Contracts only. Additional rental items, including museum tables and chairs are not permitted for Basic Contracts.


Q. Can we bring in our own food?

A. Absolutely!  Please note that on-site food preparation is not permitted for Basic and Plus contracts, including grills/smokers.

For Premier Contracts, if you do not choose a caterer from our list of approved vendors or bring in your own food, you will be required to pay an additional fee of $500.


Q.  May we have alcohol on the premises?

A. Yes, but please drink responsibly! 

  • Beer and wine only is permitted for Basic and Plus Contracts. 

  • Hard liquor is permitted for Premiere contracts only and Lessees are required to have a professional bartender serving at all times.

  • You are responsible for ensuring everyone with your private party is of legal drinking age and leaves the property safely.

  • You must provide an alcohol point of contact who is a responsible adult who is not drinking and will be contacted to handle any of your guests who cause a disturbance. 

  • All contracts must include liquor liability in your event insurance policy if any alcohol will be consumed during your rental.


Q. Does the museum offer WiFi?

A.  Due to the historic landscape, we are not able to offer public WiFi access.  Portable WiFi hotspots are strongly encouraged.

Q. Is smoking permitted?

A.  Yes, but this is not permitted within 20ft. of the Studio or other buildings and trees. Cigarettes and other smoking items must be placed into butt disposal units, please remember that we get lots of pets and wildlife on the property.

Any cigarettes and other trash left on the grounds and parking lot are required to be removed by the Lessee immediately after your event. 

Q.  Where do my guests park? 

A. A parking lot is located next to the Studio which provides ample room for your guests.  Parking is not permitted on the grass.  All walkways and driveways must remain clear for foot traffic and emergency vehicle access. 


Q.  Are we in charge of the trash?

A. We provide trash and recycling cans (let us know ahead of time how many you need), dumpsters are located on the grounds next to the Studio.  It is the Lessee’s responsibility to provide trash bags (50gal. or larger) and to put all trash bags into the dumpster and recyclables in the recycling dumpster.


Cigarettes must be placed into butt disposal units.  Any cigarettes and other trash left on the grounds and parking lot are required to be removed by the lessee within 24 hours after your event. 


Q.  What do I need to secure my event date?

A. Once your date availability has been confirmed by our office staff, the museum requires three things.

  • The Lessee must hold a family membership to the museum ($50 annually). This can be paid at the time of booking if you are not currently a member.

  • A contract signed by the Lessee and a museum representative.

  • Your total rental fee (Basic and Plus contracts) or one half of your Premiere contract total.

Any remaining balance, security deposit, and certificate copy of your day-of- event insurance are due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q.  What payments does the museum accept?

A. Payments are accepted by check, payable to Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc.  Memberships fees are preferred as a separate payment.

Credit cards are accepted at the Office or by phone during office hours.

Security deposits must be paid by check only.

Q.  Where do I purchase day-of-event liability insurance?

A. Most lessees contact their homeowner's insurance to add event liability for the day of the event.  Several lessees have also recommended The Event Helper.  Please see the terms of your contract for the amount required.  Liquor liability must be included if any alcohol will be consumed during the event.

A copy of your certificate of insurance is due at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q.  Will we get our security deposit back?

A. Steppingstone allows lessees to place signage on the property to direct their guests to various locations and decorate only those areas being used for the event. All decorations must be draped or tied.  Nails, staples, and screws are NOT permitted as these items cause damage, metal hooks are provided at the Pavilion.  Command hooks and zip ties are welcome, but must be removed entirely.  We do ask that you remove all litter and take down all decorations according to the terms of your contract.


A full return of deposit will be allotted: If the Steppingstone property is left in its original condition, nothing is damaged or in need of clean up, all rules of the contract were followed, and your family or guests were not abusive to staff or volunteers of the organization.

Need more information?  Ready to book?



Call 410-939-2299, Tue-Fri, 9am-2pm

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