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Published: May 7, 2021

Stepping into the Past

Immunizations date back hundreds of years. Before injections, people would drink concoctions such as snake venom for immunity to snake bites. We can thank Edward Jenner, a rural England doctor, for modern day immunizations. He coined the term “vaccination,” which is the procedure of injecting a milder form of a disease to help produce immunity. In May 1796, Dr. Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine. 12,000 people in England were vaccinated and within eighteen months smallpox deaths dropped by two-thirds.


Steppingstone Farm Museum is operated by the Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc., a
private non-profit with a long term lease of the previous Paul farm property in Susquehanna State Park. This land is part of the Land of Promise tract from the first land survey in 1684. The museum was established in 1970 with the collections of Mr. J.E. Bull. After his passing in 1976, the museum moved to the Land of Promise in Susquehanna State Park. The museum demonstrates historic trades to the public from 11am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays from

April-October. The office is open year-round from

9am-2pm Tuesday- Friday and the grounds are open to foot, paw, hoof, and bike traffic from 9am to sunset every day.

The museum offers many special events throughout the season, private and school tours, special programs, and site rentals. These programs, gift shop sales, grants, memberships, and private  donations support the museum.

Calendar of Events

Art & Wine Facebook event cover

$30 per person

First 60 registered will receive a Steppingstone Wine Glass

$12 for Designated Driver 

Tickets available HERE

or in the Museum Store, Saturday & Sunday, 11 am - 3 pm

Summer Fun Flyer 2.png
Car show Register today flyer (1).png
Board of Directors
Robert Thresher
Ron Querns
First Vice President
Teresa Stout
Second Vice President 
Robert Thresher
(Acting) Treasurer
Wendy O'Steen
Josephine Bodt
John Stanley
Amanda Hickman 
Mark Herman
Honorary Directors
Don Osman 
Carolyn Smith
Museum Staff
Haley I. Miller
Executive Director
Wanda Burkheimer
Museum Manager
Katelyn Long
Heather Uzdilla
Site Coordinator

Season's Views


From the Desk of the Director

Haley I. Miller

May the fourth be with you in this upcoming season, is my current motto of the month. The Museum Team has charged forward into the unknown of this year. We have successfully hosted the Museum’s first Wedding Showcase in April. It brought out 120 people to the property and 21 community businesses. We have slowly chipped away at Art & Wine and have set our sights on Summer Fun Day. We are hopeful for this year and cannot wait to see what we are able to do. We're excited for all of our upcoming events and to be working with the community and volunteers again.


Thank you, Kelly Landers for the image. 

Steppingstone Wish List

The below items are needed at the museum. We will provide a donation letter for your tax deduction use.

Thank you for thinking of us!​

Our Amazon Wishlist can

be found by clicking


~Bench for the porch of the office

~Computer Hardware new or used





Steppingstone's Volunteer Corner

Thank you to all the Volunteers that have helped out at or with past events!

Dawn Thresher

Adrianna Comer

Michael Dawson

Kelly Landers

Don Samchuck

Carleen Crawford

Ron Querns

Gerry Scarfe

Art Elsner

Bridget Graff

Jeanette Young

Nate Robb

Bernie Bodt

Bryon Bodt

Willie Vandevander

Sally Robb

Hank Emmel

Joe Cambria

David Kauffman

Laura Kauffman

Sky Wayland

Madelyn Danner

James Pisciotta

Gail Connolly

Amanda Hickman

John Stanley

Lou Kosydar

Geoff Graff

Ruth Davis

Bill Watson




-The museum is now open on the weekends from 11 am - 3 pm.

-Next Volunteer meeting is IN PERSON, in the large pavilion. Tuesday, May 11 @ 6:30 pm! 

-Summer Fun Day Committee will meet before the volunteer meeting @ 5:30 pm in the Pavilion. Join us if you're interested in being a part of the committee. 

Keep in Step with the Steppingstone

April 5 

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, perfect for opening the museum! Thank you to all who came out to kick off the season with us! In the meantime, here is your “Monday Moment” with Truffles the cow!!


@ The Museum


The field behind the stage is cleared! It is an amazing sight to see. Thank you Burkheimer's!


Both forges in the Foard Blacksmith Shop are up and running. Thank you Kauffman's. 


The museum's directional site signs have been redone. Thank you Katelyn. 

The latest @ the Museum Store

The Museum Store has reopened for the season. Hours are Sat./Sun. 11 am - 3 pm.

There are new treats and healthy snacks available!


The Steppingstone Grind

With 23+ Buildings and 23 acres, the museum is more than what a team of 5 can handle. While we do our best to maintain the cleanliness of the property, we can always use help. The Grind is the place to find our chore list for the month. If you, or a group you belong to, would like to work on one of these projects please email Wanda, Museum Manager at


Trim trees around and over coop


Replace or fix siding door (bottom rows)


Finish staining benches

Wood Shed



Patch and paint window sills


Renail corner board and battens

Thank you Bernie Bodt, Bryon Bodt, Bridget Graff, Ron Querns, John Hughes & Rock Run Woodworks for helping clean up and milling our downed trees. 

The Happenings 

Current or future affairs

Car show Register today flyer (1).png
Copy of Paint night graphic.png



Volunteers who wish to share Harford County’s agricultural history and authentic experiences with the community. We are always seeking new volunteers who enjoy interacting with the public and helping with the behind the scenes work as well. 

Thank you volunteer collage 2020.png


New and Renewing Members

Jerry Burkins & Kelly Rye

Andrew Reile & Claudia Miller

Cannry Litchfield & Saige Ports


Eric Scheerer & Melissa Richardson 

Kelly Herzing & James Fitzwater

Samantha Morter & Danney France

Megan Carrington & John Collins

Rachel Sacrey & Travis Dunaway

Congratulations to our new wedding members: 

Welcome to the Family

  • Ron & Shirley Querns

  • Tammie Heil

  • Sampson Family

  • Bernie &Jo Bodt

  • Alice A. Archer

  • Harry Dutcher

  • Lee & Janet Scarborough 

  • Bryon Bodt

  • Craig Lake & Dawn Fischer 

  • Alex Horneman 

  • Deborah LaMar

  • Linda & Gerry Bullis

  • Robert & Katherine Worthington

  • John Stanley

  • Madelyn Danner

  • Lori Will

  • Gail Connolly 

  • Jay DuBree

  • Mark Herman

  • Gerry Scarfe

  • Timothy Myers

  • Sandra Willis & William P. Smithson

  • Lilma Huntley 

  • Jeneane McBride

  • Art Elsner

  • Mary Susan Osborn

  • Bill Livingston

2021 memberships are still available! 

Delightful Discoveries 


Creating model boats that sail and race has been an engaging pastime for many early 20th century children and adults alike! It has always been customary for ship-builders to make a miniature model of the vessel under construction, which is in every respect a copy of the original on a small scale, whether steamship or sailing ship. Many of these models are of exquisite workmanship, every rope, pulley or portion of the engine being faithfully reproduced. In the case of sailing yachts, these models were often pitted against each other on small bodies of water, and hence arose the modern pastime! This Sloop was found in pieces in the archive but was spotted and restored by our amazingly talented Mr. Jim Pisciotta, which is now sitting on display in the Farm house library! Stop in today to see such wonderful craftsmanship!

A glimpse back into time...

Image from this past month