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Published: March 11, 2022

Stepping into the Past

Throughout time history has been preserved and shared in a variety of ways. First through stories and songs, this verbal history passed down generation to generation. Then through writing, which has evolved from cave drawings to digital media. Now we find videos and interactive exhibition available worldwide. Through the digital age grows written history, which has always been the most utilized version. People all around the world utilize libraries and encyclopedias to help research topics and learn about our past. The oldest English language encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica, started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1768. The first set was three stout quarto volumes; each contain some 2,500 pages. Though this was not the first or the largest encyclopedia of this know time it was the most radical, with its plan to give systematic instruction on major subjects. Other encyclopedia’s aimed to deal with subjects in a more general way. The second edition of Britannica grew to 10 volumes with some contain 9,000 pages. In 2010, the 15th edition was printed, spanning 32 volumes and 32,640. It was announced on March 13, 2012 that after 244 year of print editions the Britannica was moving to strictly digital.


Steppingstone Farm Museum is operated by the Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc., a
private non-profit with a long term lease of the previous Paul farm property in Susquehanna State Park. This land is part of the Land of Promise tract from the first land survey in 1684. The museum was established in 1970 with the collections of Mr. J.E. Bull. After his passing in 1976, the museum moved to the Land of Promise in Susquehanna State Park. The museum demonstrates historic trades to the public from 11am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays from

April-October. The office is open year-round from
9am-2pm Tuesday- Friday and the grounds are open to foot, paw, hoof, and bike traffic from 9am to sunset every day.

The museum offers many special events throughout the season, private and school tours, special programs, and site rentals. These programs, gift shop sales, grants, memberships, and private  donations support the museum.

Calendar of Events

Museum Clean Up Day  (Facebook Cover).png

Rowdy Rooster

5/3/24 - 5/5/23

$5 per car (workshops, disc golf and plien are additional)

Museum Clean Up Day  (Facebook Cover).png

Saturday on the Farm


$5 for adults, free admission for members and children 15 and under.

Museum Clean Up Day  (Facebook Cover).png

Saturday on the Farm


$5 for adults, free admission for members and children 15 and under.

Board of Directors
Robert Thresher
Ron Querns
First Vice President
Teresa Stout
Second Vice President 
Robert Thresher
(Acting) Treasurer
Wendy O'Steen
Josephine Bodt
John Stanley
Amanda Hickman 
Mark Herman
Honorary Directors
Don Osman 
Carolyn Smith
Museum Staff
Haley I. M. Strong
Executive Director
Stephanie Kennedy 
Museum Manager
Katelyn Long​
Heather Uzdilla
Site Coordinator
Michael Carney 
Maintenance Personnel 

From the Desk of the Director
Haley I. M. Strong

Last month I talked about making time to laugh at ourselves and mentioned how such a simple task can prove to be absurdly difficult.  This month I had to ponder what to write about. I could go on about how we are always busy,, how events are coming along, or even our mile-long maintenance list. If I wanted to get personal I could talk about my dog or what book I am reading but, I am sure no one reads this column for that. Then I remembered that we just had a special day about a week ago. A day most people don’t know or recognize. A day as the director of the museum with a staff of 4, I take very seriously.  March 4th (the only day that commands us) was Employee Appreciation Day. A day for us taskmasters to honor those who accomplish tasks. I try very hard through the year to always praise our staff and to let them wear their accomplishments as a badge of honor. Even with that manger mindset is still nice to remind them how much they are appreciated and how valuable they truly are. I for one am the first to say I could not do this job without them and if I tried I would have a full head of white hair before I even thought of children! So even though the day has passed if you see any of our staff please share the appreciation with them, they undoubtedly deserve it.


Steppingstone Wish List

The below items are needed at the museum. We will provide a donation letter for your tax deduction use.

Thank you for thinking of us!​

Our Amazon Wishlist can
be found by clicking



Season's Views


Keep in Step with the Steppingstone



Steppingstone's Volunteer Corner
Thank you to all the Volunteers that have helped out at or with past events!

Ron Querns 

John Hughes 

Brennan McDonough 

Stehanie Comer & kids 

Grace Sampson

Jim Pisciotta 

Robert Thresher 

Dawn Thresher 

Gabrielle Anderson

Karen Whitlock



-Volunteer Meeting: April 12th at 6:30, Location TBD

-Clean up day: March 26,

9am -12pm

- Opening Day: April 2, 11 am - 3pm 

- 2022 Memberships are still available


@ The Museum


This year the Museum curated an extensive sponsorship program. If you know of a business that may be interest in sponsoring a facet of the Museum please let them know about this program. More information can be found HERE!

Sponsorship packet finished-6.jpf

The Steppingstone Grind

With 23+ Buildings and 23 acres, the museum is more than what a team of 5 can handle. While we do our best to maintain the cleanliness of the property, we can always use help. The Grind is the place to find our chore list for the month. If you, or a group you belong to, would like to work on one of these projects please email Stephanie, the Museum Manager at

Trim trees around and over coop

Replace or fix siding door (bottom rows)

Paint picnic tables

Wire brush, prime and paint front sign

Patch and paint window sills

Re-nail corner board and battens



Volunteers who wish to share Harford County’s agricultural history and authentic experiences with the community. We are always seeking new volunteers who enjoy interacting with the public as well as helping with the behind the scenes work. 

Thank you volunteer collage 2020.png

Welcome to the Family


New and Renewing Members

Samantha Morter & Danney France

Rachel Sacrey & Travis Dunaway

Kapri & Geoff Stafford

Sarah Hewitt & James Mast

Wade Harvard & Chelsey Schreiber 

Brendon Heroux & Courtney Reil 

Sharon Comer & Ron Wickline 

Alexandra Protos & Brandon Saraceno 

John Boyer & Amand Harvey 

Bailey Alampi & Mitchell Herzing

Congratulations to our new wedding members: 

Bernie Bodt

Bryon Bodt

Linda Bullis

Carole DeRan

Heather Hamilton

Lilma Huntley

Moira Kearney

Brenda Kinzinger

Christina Kramer

William Lee

Leocea McLanahan

Fred Ritzel

Gerry Scarfe

John Stanley

Tarring-Cargo Funeral Home, P.A.

Walter G Coale INC.

Kelly Mechanical Services, Inc.

Aimee O'Neill & Co., Inc.

Cathy Price 

Madelyn Danner 

Craig Lake 

Bridget Graff

John Stanley 

F.O. Mitchell

Hopkins Farm Brewery

Jay DuBree 

Bob Worthington

Mark Herman 

Peg & Bill Bossemeyer 

Harry Dutcher

Harford County Farm Bureau  

Alex Horneman

Mary Schweers 

2022 memberships are available! 

Delightful Discoveries 


Mahogany Marble-top Table from Gilman Paul:

This console table once adorned the front parlor of the Swallowfield estate, about a mile outside of Darlington, in the Berkeley area. It was loaned to the Waring family, who for multiple generations lived at Swallowfield and were acquainted with Gilman Paul, as their families had social connections. It is of an Italianate design with intricate carvings throughout, a dark mahogany wood and white marble top makes this a very eloquent piece of furniture. The provenance runs deep; between the upper class socialites that used to roam the streets of Blythewood in Baltimore to the rural estates that scattered across the Maryland countryside, these pieces may seem sedentary, but they give us a look into the past! We are very excited to see the table back in the farmhouse come Spring!

A glimpse back into time...
Images from this past month

When shopping on Amazon remember to use Amazon Smile and select Steppingstone Museum Association. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the museum. 

Thank You for your support!
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"Your Country Retreat".

Steppingstone Farm Museum educational programs and historic preservation supported by grants from:

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Thank you to our Business Members!

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