Havre de Grace 1813 Bicentennial Commemoration

2013 Bicentennial Reenactment Events

***Please Register by April 29th to guaruntee your meals!***

Event Map and Guide

Reenactor Registration Packet

For ball tickets, please visit our public tickets page and select "registered reenactor" option for discount.

May 3rd-5th, Friday-Sunday (Anniversary on May 3rd of 1813 attack), Pre-registration Required

Reenactor and Historic Merchant Information

The Havre de Grace War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration Commission is proud to welcome you to Havre de Grace.  Our Reenactment Committee consists of museum professionals, reenactors, and town officials so we hope you will find the bicentennial commemoration an exciting event to participate in this year.

We have a full schedule for the reenactment weekend and more plans are unfolding.  Please check our website frequently for updates to the schedule and special museum program additions.  We will provide a modest stipend to cover dinner Friday and breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch and dinner on Saturday will be catered.  Stipends for cannons and powder are also available.  We are discounting tickets for the “Grace Under Fire Ball?on Saturday for pre-registered reenactors, and will have ample camping available.  Limited camping and historic merchant space is available in town at the Lock House and the Lighthouse Keeper’s house property.  These sites will be assigned by your preference on the registration and availability.  There is also unlimited camping at Steppingstone Farm Museum with separate areas for modern and RV/Trailer camping. Steppingstone can also accommodate camping before or after the event if you arrive outside of the event dates.  Shuttle busses will run to and from downtown and Steppingstone to accommodate all reenactor activities including early morning and evening activities.  We are anticipating 20-30,000 visitors in town so we hope to accommodate your participation with as little disturbance and need to deal with traffic as possible.

For ball tickets, please visit our public tickets page.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 (200 year anniversary of British attack on Havre de Grace)

12-5pm Camp and Merchant setup at your assigned site

3pm Arrival of tall ships- Pride of Baltimore, Sultana arrives Thur night

5-9pm HdG Main Street First Fridays features restaurant and business specials for the bicentennial

Shuttle buses run to Steppingstone after Tavern night

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

8am Breakfast at camps and downtown and shuttles into town

10:30-11am, British enroute as Ft. McHenry Fife & Drums perform and Vince Vaise introduces the reenactment as the Star Spangled Banner is raised at the Lighthouse

11-11:30am, Cannon fire begins at British sightings, barges land and British land, ransack camp at lighthouse

11:30am, British troops begin march through town with skirmishes at 5 locations with militia, women and children defending homes and belongings as troops make their way to Lock House grounds

1:00pm,Tall ships open for tours, lunch for reenactors at Lock House

Ft. McHenry Fife & Drums perform drills and talk with public

1:00pm & 3:00pm Matilda O'Neill tells her story at the Light House Keeper's house

3:00pm, Military Parade/ Formal March through town back toward Light House, Flag Ceremony at plaza

5-7pm, Dinner for Reenactors and Ball guests at HdG High School

7:00pm, Ceremony with Governor and Dignitaries at Lighthouse grounds

7-11pm, “Grace Under Fire Ball?at HdG High School, break for viewing fireworks *ticketed event*

7:30pm, Columbia Orchestra performance with cannons in 1812 overture at Lighthouse Grounds

9:00pm, Fireworks from barge

Shuttle busses run back to Steppingstone, Lighthouse, and Lock House after dinner, concert, and ball

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Sunday, May 5th, 2013

10:30am, Period Church service at St. Johns church- original structure survived the British attack

11:00am, 1st seating for “Regency Ladies Tea?at Steppingstone Farm House  *ticketed event*

11:30am, reception following church service

12pm, Funeral March for HdG militia member and only know congreve rocket casualty

12pm, Tall ships open for tours

2pm, official reenactment activities wrap up

4:00pm, 2nd seating for “Regency Ladies Tea?at Steppingstone Farm House  *ticketed event*

Subject to Change - Events are Rain or Shine - No Refunds

*Events, Dates, and Admissions Subject to Change

Please call to confirm 410-939-2299



461 Quaker Bottom Road

Havre De Grace, MD 21078

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